Bike Lift 360 Kg Pengangkat Sepeda Motor Hidrolik / Bikelift Hydraulic TEKIRO


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- This bike lift is for raising and lowering motorcycle units when servicing or repairing in the workshop so that it is more comfortable and easier for mechanics to maneuver/work.
- Has 2 choices of methods in using a bikelift, namely Hydraulic power and Wind power. Switching methods can be done easily.
- The capacity of a motorbike that can be charged to this tool is a maximum of 360 kg.
- The lowest / minimum height is 21 cm from the floor.
- The highest / maximum height is 78 cm from the floor.
- The width of the motorcycle mat is 217 x 49 cm. ( or 2 meters x 0.5 meters)
- The front tire clamp uses a Heavy Duty Tire Vise (Heavy Duty Wheel Vice)
- Control with foot pedals can be done easily and can be removed quickly.
- Made of thick steel frame to produce the best and safest lifter / lifter stability.
- Has been equipped with a locking bar when the bikelift has been lifted as desired and can keep the bikelift stable and safe even though it is lifted in a high position.
- It has an extra longer mat to make it easier when you want to raise the motorcycle onto the mat.
- This product is very high quality.
- Quality assurance according to Japan Industrial Standardization (JIS)
- Brand: TEKIRO.

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