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Jl. Maulana Hassanudin No. H168, Kel. Poris Jaya,Kec. Batu Ceper, Kota Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia - 15122.
Ph. +62 21 6197935
Email :  hiumotor@gmail.com
Website : www.hiumotor.com
Distribution With Heart

We are a company engaged in the distribution of motorcycle parts, mechanical tools / repairmen, paint products and many more with a national distribution area coverage. Our company has been established since 2003 starting from a small workshop in one corner of the city of Tangerang to today becoming a large company in Indonesia.

We could not have achieved this achievement without our hard work and sincerity in serving all of our customer partners. We mention 'customer partners' here, not just 'customers', because we understand today we would not exist without the support and input from each of our customer partners who have been in a loyal relationship with us. Hence the motto of our company is 'Distribution with heart.

Our Vision:
To become a leading marketing and distribution company in Indonesia and synergize with business partners in distributing leading and quality products according to market needs and financially achievable by consumers in Indonesia.

Our Mission:
1. New innovations for both conventional and digital marketing.
2. Technology as the operational backbone.
3. Improvement of human resources who are members of our company.
4. Always adding new types of quality and affordable products for consumers.
5. Distribute products evenly throughout Indonesia.